Life or Something Close

Wednesday, January 7

I just don't know

Today was an OK day. It started out good enough I guess. I mean work went well. I was busy with clients and such. Think I'm going to get some good business from all of it actually. Then I came home. Nothing new to speak of I guess... Same stuff as yesterday. Nothing new to report. Still looking and still waiting. I think I've decided not to make that decision. I like I'm at in all reality. I know that this will disappoint some, but I think all in all it's the best. Something else happened today too... I can't explain it but everything that I thought was going well just seemed to fall apart. Maybe I thought too much of something, but at the same time I thought what I was thinking was right. I just don't' understand everything that's going on. I wish I could get more than I am, but I know it' shard to figure out. It's not something I want to deal with I guess. I'm not giving up. I can't too much is involved. Everything is involved.
The new Mini iPodOn a totally separate note, those of you who have blogs that I know personally. Keep them updated. I know not all of you have the "writing bug" or don't' necessarily want to divulge all the thoughts in your head. OK that's great but if you start a site don't' just let it die out there with entries from 10 days ago or more. I am not rally the best person to speak about this. If you look at my archives I was a definite slacker when it came to keeping this site up. Why can't life be simple and predictable? I am just tired of the surprises that keep coming up that are not easily dealt with. I dunno.... I'm not depressed by any means but I'm just not happy with the world right now.
A totally new separate note: I want one of these: I think this is probably one of the best ideas that apple has came out with in a long time. Although it's still a bit pricey, I will definitely be looking into one when my tax return comes back.
Anyways, time for bed... talk to you all soon.