Life or Something Close

Monday, January 5

How many centipedes are political?

Soundtrack of my life: Mrs. Potter's Lullaby - Counting Crows

This is the phrase that I woke up in my head with this morning. It was only the beginning of the weirdness to follow. It started out fine, I was actually going to be early to work, then I went outside to get int eh car and realized that it was all a block of ice, spent the next 45 minutes chipping it out... Then i had to let it warm up before I coudl anywhere, so instead of being early i was 30 min late. Ahhh! I went to work and all was well, I was actually having a good day, lotsa calls and actually getting some good info and leads to go on. I'll be makign money soon I think, I hope anyways. Then I got the worst news i've heard in a long time. 39 years gone. I dont' want to leave too many details here, thsi is public and I'm embarassed, but trust me when I say it's bad. It's been a dumb day... I want to write more but I'm just not in the mood. Tired of life in general today...