Life or Something Close

Friday, January 9

The fun is over...

Soundtrack of my life: Colorblind - Counting Crows

Well today I took Emmy back to IU. Bittersweet rally, I mean yeah, I know she loves to be there and have her own life and all but at the same time it sucks saying goodbye to her. Those last moments always go buy so fast, especially on a one-story elevator ride. We had a lot of fun in the past 3 weeks or so. Hung out a lot and really just became good friends again. I'm glad I got to see her so much. Someday she'll make up her mind and then everything will work out. I got back in town about 9 tonight and decided to go out with Kyle to BW's... it was packed and honestly there weren't that many people there that we knew. So people I knew from OG but that was about it. I miss Emmy already; I'm waiting on her to get online as I type this. Only time will tell what will happen with us. I remain optimistic however, there's nothing to tell me to think otherwise. Hopefully I'll either get to go down and see her or she'll come home for a weekend or something. I should be getting off to bed now drolly, I'm dead tired from all the driving and stuff but I'll be around, I may even blog again... who knows.... later