Life or Something Close

Tuesday, September 30

It smells like Vegas in here!

It's been a pretty dull week... but I thought I shoudl get something out this week so this thing doesn't get too stale. Took and accounting test yesterday... still waiting on results. Work is slow again this week... but services are picking up. new things to try this weekend... meeting the "friends" should be an adventure. Aight... that's pretty much all I got... later

Sunday, September 28

Did congress really help the excutive branch?

[Listening to: Goodnight L.A. - Counting Crows - Hard Candy (04:17)]

I don't think so.

Sorry inside joke... very inside. Well this weekend was definitely a good weekend... probably the best one in quite a while really. Friday we went were going to play golf but then it rained... like torrential downpour rain, so we hung out at Matt's. Didn't' do anything but still had fun. On the way home, I swear I almost drowned my car but we lived... Saturday I finally got the FH fence finished... well we did anyways. Then matt and I and Sarah hung out for a bit, picked up Tricia and then we went down to Crackers and the Jazz Cooker... absolutely amazing. Greg Morton? I think that was his name he was totally hilarious, go see him if you ever have the chance. I got home at like 300 this morning... but defiantly had fun the whole night. Now I have to study for an Accounting test that I'm really nervous about. I think I know the stuff, but I just know that I'll screw something up. Oh well, we'll find out tomorrow night I guess. English presentation too... Not to confident about that. But hopefully this week work will pickup and stuff and I'll get some money or something.Off to watch a movie or something...

Sunday, September 14

sorry comes easy

its what happens after that's hard.... admiting your'e wrong adn letting somethign go that you feel you cannot live without.... The sparkle in your eyes out shines our moon honey... until we meet again

How do I say it?

How to say I'm osrry without saying it? Sometimes I feel liek i screw up without even knowing it. I try so hard to be the right persona nd it always seems liek after a while i slip and fail. I'm sorry. Is that so hard? It is when you feel like you say it all the time I guess. I jsut wish that life coudl go on after thsi stuff and didnt' ahve that "werd" period. But that's life right, you just can't always pick up and go on. I think this will all work itself out. One way or another...

WEekly post

I just can't seem to get in the habit of doing this regularly.... This week started out well and went down hill form there.... Personally... Professionally things went fine. Things will get better though. I am confident that all things work out for them selves it just takes time to get everything figured out. I would go into details but I don't' think that everyone involved would be too happy if the rest of the world found out about it. So I will just say that things are not as well as they were but they have the possibility of getting much much better. OK I'm going to go get my hair cut and buy some ON Cords.... later... Check this out

My inner child is sixteen years old today

My inner child is sixteen years old!

Life's not fair! It's never been fair, but while
adults might just accept that, I know
something's gotta change. And it's gonna
change, just as soon as I become an adult and
get some power of my own.

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Sunday, September 7

Once a week?

Seems like I only post about once a week now... need to start doing this thing more but here's the Friday Five and Sexy Saturday... see you all on the flip side.

1. What housekeeping chore(s) do you hate doing the most? I hate hearing a vacuum cleaner... it's usually early in the morning and that's not the best thing to wake up to. I dont' liek cleaning anything in the bathroom though really.

2. Are there any that you like or don't mind doing? Dusting isnt' so bad i guess

3. Do you have a routine throughout the week or just clean as it's needed? as it's needed so i at least have a path through my room

4. Do you have any odd cleaning/housekeeping quirks or rules? Nothign relaly execpt dusting before vacuuming...

5. What was the last thing you cleaned? My desk in about 10 mintues.

Sexy Saturday...

Do you have any tattoos and do you feel they add to your sex appeal? What do you feel about 'sexy' body modifications such as tongue/nipple/genital piercings? no tattoos, i think sometimes a tongue ring or belly button ring are cool... but only on the right people. Nipples and other private areas are out of the question though.

Well tis' been a good week I think, school is fine, work is good... I just got back from Emmy's... all is well....