Life or Something Close

Monday, June 30

so yeah ok i havent' been here in a while.. sorry all... not that anyone reads this. but anyways today was cool got a new cell phoen and went out with emmy... interview on tuesday woo ho.. maybe i can finally get otu of OG. i dunno i'm tired maybe i'll write more tomorrow... later

Thursday, June 26

It's my birthday... Woo hoo

Wednesday, June 25

[Listening to: Bus Driver - Cademon's Call - No name face (05:15)]

Tomorrow is my birthday>... yea me! I have LK in the morning, should be interesting, not sure how much is done and stuff but I know it needs lots of work that's for sure. Then I'm going to dinner with Emmy and then who knows what til 530, then its dinner with the fam. so yeah tonight I went to play golf with my uncle shot a 59... yuck! Then I went to Peru and got some lottery tickets... 110 million... yeah that would be a great birthday present.... wish me luck.

[Listening to: We're Not Right - David Gray - White Ladder (03:03)]

Check out a program called Klip, it's kinda cool is you have a high-speed connection (cable or DSL). always updating with news and stuff... i like it. so yeah today has been boring as ever. Can't get ahold of the lady for the interview. i worked today...oh joy... bu thte good thing tomororw is my birthday... PARTY!.. ok not really... i'm probably not doing anything... geez i'm poor...later


today is hot and dull... i want to take a nap... i think i will

Monday, June 23

well today i went in for an exciting 2.5 hours... yea!! after i got home at like 1030 i helped g-ma put up some shelves and then i went to get my license renewed cause it expires on thursday well i had to take a writtten test and lets just say that I failed it... onlyl missed 3 and still fialed it. oh well though if i wait until thursday i dont' have to take it again cause then i'll be 21... gay... anyways, yeah then i played some golf shot a 54 and felt ok about it... had some wonderful, beautiful shots and stuff... oh well anyways g-ma bellows for dinner.. later

Sunday, June 22

Well another day another dollar right? not for me, yet again I didn't work tonight cause OG was dead. I swear if I don't' get some hours soon i'm going to go broke. I am already broke really, but it might get really bad before long. Hopefully someone calls me soon for an interview. I shot 50 tonite at arbor trace in marion, happy about that, but everything else is just not cool... Going to bed... Later

Well I just got back from playing golf.... I sucked but the new club rocked... I love it. At church today we learned about catholics and junk... yea it was something... I think the lady was a bit off in some of the stuff she said but she was mostly right and I think that a lot of people realized that most catholics are just a bit "off" in their thinking, but at the same time I felt like she was trying to just smear them and I don't' think that's cool... But whatever , i'm going to work.... Later

I just got back from emmy's... a pretty good evening I must say. First we went to CC so she could spend her gift cards on a new phone and VCR had to believe that people still use those things but I still have a few tapes that I like to watch now and then I guess too. Then we went to Ribfest downtown... A bust to say the least... Just food and a ton of people... Yea... We went to Girton's well did a drive by actually... No one was there hardly so we just stayed clear of it and went to her house to play Life... I like it , but I like the old version better... It was harder and stuff I think. Then we just chilled and watched TV... I did get a new golf club and i'm so excited to try ti it out... I really just like it in general.... Oh well time for bed.. See you all later

Saturday, June 21

Yea! I don't' have to work... Brandon called and said that they are dead because of Ribfest... How cool is that? OH yeah gotta go to Emmy's and Girton's tonite!!!

OK well I just got back from golfing.... It was really slow today but I did shot a 50 so I'm pretty happy. Tonite at work Should be interesting I guess... But anyways i'll get to go see emmy after that so it'll all be good....

Yea! my blog works... so today should be interesting. I just got up at 1030 this morning. I'm playing golf at 1130 then off to work at 5ish and then i'm going over to emmys. action packed lemme tell ya... that's cool though, at least it's money... i just hope another job comes along soon. i am gettign poor.... and i hate thsi new blogger... no spell check so i'll look like an idiot or somethin... :(

Wednesday, June 18

So this is my new blog... hopefully you can all see it, if not.. well more to come later.