Life or Something Close

Friday, December 5

Still not back online...

Soundtrack of my life: Don't Dream It's Over - Sixpence None The Richer

So the hosting company said it was their colo... They said they are getting it back up and then moving to a new service provider... either way I'm paying for a service that doesn't' work, as a matter of fact, most of you won't read this til it's too late and already fixed, but I need to rant a bit. It snowed 5 inches here today... the roads were horrible, I made it into work ok and stuff, but still it was cold and dreary all day as usual in Indiana during winter. Last night I was at school until about 1130 work on my business plan with my group.... 1130!!!! Holy dog crap, it was due at 345 that afternoon but after we went to the Dean about how horrible of a Prof She was and then basically yelled at her in her office she gave us an extension til Monday. Now I hate taking advantage of someone like that when the whole class doesn't get the same benefit so we stayed at the school til they basically kicked us out and got it all done. I turned it in today... woo hoo! Only 2 more papers and a few more accounting problems to go. I'll be so glad when this year is over... its just wearing on me for some reason. part of it is probably the fact that I was out of school for an entire year and I have horrible study skills, but either way I'm ready for a vacation where I can just kick back and sleep most of the day or something I'm going out with the guys tonight... movies or some such and then to matt's tomorrow help decorate their house for x-mas he wants me to stay the night and rink with him but I don't' know if I will or not, it's just not my thing really... a beer now and then is cool, but drinking to get drunk just doesn't excite me anymore. I only did it a few times any way but mostly it's a waste of money and time. I think I'm just going to go over have a beer and then go home or something. We'll see. I need to get some stuff done this weekend most of all though, papers are due on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. I should go get ready for tonight... that consists of me putting on my shoes and getting a glass of water er something, but still I'm done typing for now... plus by the time I spell check this it'll be an hour later than it is now... see you all later