Life or Something Close

Tuesday, December 2

Pulled over for the 10th time!

Soundtrack of my life: The Time of My Life - Mark Schultz

Last night on 500... There a 4 way at Wallick that is always a dead interaction... especially at midnight... well I slowed down to maybe 10 or 15MPH... Next thing I know as I take off, I see a set off headlights come on... then as I'm accelerating even slower I see the reds and blues come on... So I pulled over to the side of the road... basically in a corn field... the cop got out asked for license and registration as usual... gave it to him he goes to step away and then he comes back and asks me to step back to his car with him... I get in the car... he says "do you know why I stopped you?" *thinking of a funny line from Liar Liar* "depends on how long you've been following me" but instead I said not rally... eh said that I didn't' fully stop at the stop sign, which I knew of course but I wasn't' going to fess up to it just like that. I agreed and he said since I tried he was only going to give me a warning. Didn't' call in my plates or license at all... just wrote out a warning and let me go... now I know I'm not the most criminal looking person around but still I could have been wanted somewhere for something... either way I finally got home... now I'm sitting here looking at my still unfinished paper, I hate English right now...