Life or Something Close

Wednesday, December 10

It works... It's alive again!

So I spent today doing crap all morning basically to get my car working again. First of all let me tell you what happened. I was going home last night and noticed that the car was making a funny noise, almost like it had and exhaust problem... When I got to 31 I heard the belt let go. This is usually not a problem, I had to turn everything in my car off except the lights and deal without power steering but since 31 is straight I didn't' think much of it really. I decided that since Autozone was still open, I would swing by and pick one up and then put it on when I got home. By the time I got to autozone my car was overheating badly because the water pump was also controlled by that belt. I pulled in to Autozone, got a flashlight and then I saw it.... Parts everywhere, I freaked... Had the guy come look at it, the spring tensioner thingy was busted... All over the place. Not only could I not drive the car, but most likely it was going to take 2 days to get a new part in. So I left the car at Autozone overnight until I could get it towed in the morning or maybe at least hobble along to the nearest repair place. This morning I got up and started calling places to fix it... While I'm on the phone. The idea of just renting a car for a day or two comes to mind, sure lets do that, then I wont' be without a car and I can still go out and stuff if I need to. I found a place to fix it, $55, not as bad as I thought really. So I dropped the car off, while I was checking it in, it was going to sit for 2 days before the part came in, the lady called one place in town that I didn't even know existed.. They had the part in stock, and it was cheaper by $10. Woo hoo... She said that they still wouldn't get to it until sometime later today or early tomorrow. No biggie, I'm renting a car, she said fine and off I go to rent a car. Got a Ford Focus, not a bad car I must say, I want one actually. I rented the car Arden 10AM, at 11AM the place called and said that my car was fixed and that it was going to be $70 cause they had found some other problem, that they fixed. So now I had to take the rental back, paid $50 for driving a car 10 miles.... Then I went and got my car out of the shop... So basically... I'm out like $200 plus like 4 hours of work... It sucks, but I have my car back now :) Thank God... I hate being without a car. Now I have to go to English and turn in my final paper, thank God for that too... I'm almost done for the semester... Later