Life or Something Close

Monday, December 22

I'm sorry I ripped off your ear!

Last night went well I think. Saw Mona Lisa Smile it was ok I guess, kind of flat overall but I liked it. A rent not a buy. Saw the lights in Marion of course. Even though I said before that maybe I'm not in the "Christmas mood" I think now maybe I'm getting there a bit more. The lights, the music, it's all slowly getting there... Too bad that it'll be here and gone before I totally get there. Oooohh... so close last night... :) Too bad we're both scared and you turned away. Short work week this week, not a lot to do cause most everything is on hold, just waiting for proofs. I get paid this week thank God; it's getting a little tight. Not to worry, I have comm. coming this week so maybe I can pay a little more than usual on something. Gotta love that flirtatious banter, kinda like this comic, we do that, it's what makes it all worthwhile. If you don?t' have a best friend that you can fool around with like this, then it's not worth having a friend at all. If that best friend turns into something else, well all the power to ya. I'm just waiting on my wish to come true. BTW... so far so good today, "strong like bull."