Life or Something Close

Monday, December 29

...I was like... Whatever!...

Last night I think I slept a total of 3 hours... not in a row though... Had a Carmel Macchiato and a DoubleShot from Starbucks... Not smart at 930 at night... Went out with the gang last night just to catch up on things, it appears that not one of us has a very exciting life at all... I've spent most of the last week with Emmy though. That's probably the biggest news, we're still friends. It weird I ran into someone last night, and of course they asked about her. It was cool to say that after everything we've been through that we're still friends and we're getting along just great. I mean yeah there is some tension over our "status" or whatever but just the same I think we're really getting close again. Right now, I think that's all I care about, yeah having her back s "mine" would be wonderful but I know she can't make that decision yet and I don?t' want her to until she is totally sure. Can't deal with the heartache again. I'm going to buy my books for next semester today... $500... I won't even use them most likely. I'm ready to go back to school I think... There?s not much else to do when all your friends work and stuff during the day. I have a good schedule next semester I think... 2 days a week, and then I can work the other days. Matt's leaving soon, I'm bummed. Anyway I found a new site this morning, kind of like Relevant but different I guess. It's called The Ooze If nothing else, it gives me something to blog about now and then I guess. It gets my mind going in the least. Either way it's on my favorites/daily sites to visit now. I dunno, I spent part of last night working on my laptop... It's almost back to normal now and actually appears to be working just fine. Maybe I won't be getting a new one. Unless I can find a way to break it or something. I'm mad right now cause my stupid site is down and no one is going to read this. But like I've said a hundred times before, I need this to stay sane. I wish these people would get on the stick and get this stupid site fixed. It's been down for like 5 days now. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Where's my money? Anyways I should be getting to work now. I'll catch you all later.