Life or Something Close

Saturday, December 20

A few moments begin an eternity

I'm going to a friend's wedding today. He's about 6 months older than me and he's getting married to a girl that he's known for his entire life but only has dated for the last 5 months, part of which he spent about 1000 miles away from her. He says he's totally sure3 about what he's doing and has no reservations about anything for today. I'm happy for him; I mean it's not often that people actually get married because they "know." Sure people get married because it's convenient or they think that they are with the right person but nothing at leads me to believe that his intentions are anything less that totally sincere. I wish them the best and hope that they have many long years ahead of them. I spent most of the night last night with matt.... First I went out with the gang to go to Kokomo and just hang out or whatever, but everyone is sick and such. So I met Matt and some other people at like 10 to go back to Kokomo to BW's ... packed as usual. We hung out and just talked and stuff basically. Nothing important to report. It's Christmas this week, and like I've said to a few people this year, it's just not as magical as it has been in years past. I don't' know if it's cause I'm alone this year or because there's no snow or just because I'm getting older. People just seem to be going through the motions. Whether you are in the spirit or not I still hope that everyone gets their Christmas wish, I'm still waiting for mine...