Life or Something Close

Wednesday, December 24

Disappointed but I'll live

Had X-mas a day early... didn't get what I wanted. Ya know, how you kinda stack your Christmas list with "lesser" items so you hopefully get the bigger things. Well this year it back fired on me... I got all the lessers.... I'm not ungrateful necessarily; I liked what I got but lemme just run down through what's gone wrong lately. First got a new watch... great watch... too big and I think I've scratched the face already... I got some new clothes, like 5 shirts and 3 pairs of jeans.... yeah on pair of jeans fits and only 2 of the shirts fit. I got an "old man" sweatshirt... cream color with embroidery on it... ack! I also go the new Simpson's Hit and Run game... yeah... doesn't work with my video card so I have to take the money that I got from the uncles to go freakin buy a new video card...ahhhh! About the only thing that I got that works right and well is my new UPS for my computer... Of course all you have to do is plug it in, but still. I'm counting my blessings on that as it is... I got a ton of DVDs too... how could that go wrong?... give it time I guess. I've spent the last few days with Emmy, like I've said I'm encouraged but not totally optimistic yet. I'm happy with how things are going and still have faith that things will work themselves out. Its going to be a long day... on top of everything... my site is down so basically no one will see this for at least a week... I hate the world mostly...The worst way to miss someone is to be sittin right beside them knowing you cant have them