Life or Something Close

Monday, December 8

45 seconds for cheese paper?

Soundtrack of my life: Two Beds and a Coffee Machine - Savage Garden

Ok so i just got done eating a double cheeseburger from McDonald's... I bought it earlier and put it in the fridge... I reheated it in the mircowave for 30 seconds it wasn't hot yet so i gave it another 15 seconds.... now first of all, when you're hungry and tired 45 seconds is far too long to wait for food. I waited knowing that the warm tasty burger i was about to consume would make everything alright... well after 45 seconds i took the now warm cheeseburger to my room to enjoy... cheese paper! now normally i like a little cheese paper, kind of a bonus really. But this time, it was different, apparantly sometime during those last 15 seconds all of the cheese had evaporated from the burger/bun to the paper and into thin air, so in short, i just ate a double hamburger...
This is what happens to your mind when you've finished two papers in 3 hours... my midn is blank... my eyes hurt... i'm going to bed... see you tomorrow maybe