Life or Something Close

Sunday, December 21

24 hours later...

It's a beautiful day today... 40 something degrees today... it's 3 days until Christmas and it's 40 degrees... I hate Indiana... Stupid weather. Yesterday was a good day. The wedding was... well a wedding. I'm glad it happened for him, but selfishly it sucks because it's another piece of the gang getting married off. I spent five hours on a futon last night just talking. Probably the best five hours I've had in a long time. We talked about anything and everything basically. I'm going to beat it... I don't' have a choice. Today has been a good day. I haven't cracked yet. Maybe if I can get through 24 hours I can stay off it for good this time. I don't know. Hopefully. I'm encouraged by the conversations of last night but still not totally sold on the idea that anything will happen anytime soon. I hope that it does, but like I said, it hasn't happened yet. Still hopeful though and either way, like she said last night, this has been probably the best 4 months for us. We've became better people because of it and made ourselves get away from each other. I think I'm glad it happened as long as the end result comes out right... I've been trying to write this for about an hour now so I'm going to stop and maybe write more later or something..