Life or Something Close

Saturday, November 22

Wasting another day...

Soundtrack of my life: Here Without You - 3 Doors Down

It's Saturday and I'm sitting here with nothing to do really. I spent all afternoon lounging around and paying bills.Oh well anyways I also played with the layout of the blog... as you can see not much changed... I almost had Blogamp working this morning but I don't know Java for crap so I have no idea how to fix it. I had to download Winamp 2.91 to get it to work and then I found a component for Winamp 3.0 that would make a Winamp 2 plug-in work in 3. Complicated crap, if you don't do know what I'm talking about consider yourself lucky. I'm going out tonight... but I really don't have any clue what I'm going to do. The Bucket Game was today... Purdue won... that's coo. I guess but I didn't'figure it would be as close as it was. Seriously so far it's been a totally worthless day... Off to dinner