Life or Something Close

Thursday, November 20

Scurvy... can I get that?

Soundtrack of my life: Ceci n'est pas un chanson - Bran Van 3000

It's a nice day outside. I read today that scurvy is caused by not eating vegetables... Do french fries count? It?s been a dull day really. Its 62 outside right and it's almost Thanksgiving... In Indiana!!! Something is not right with that. Last classes today until the week after T-day. Woo hoo! I've got to get some HW done over vacation though, papers to write and such. The weekend is turning into an interesting one... More on that on Sunday I guess. I need to get some free time though to just lounge around, and on that note tonight i'm going out after class to hang with people. Actually I need to just sit at home for a while and regroup, it's been too long since I?ve done that and honestly i think I just don?t do that because I get too bored when I do it. There's nothing to do at my house other than sit at the puter.... I get tired of surfing basically which is partly why i write here so much and probably repeat myself a hundred times... Also, I'm re-falling in love with REM, Imitation of Life and Nightswimming are amazing, underappreciated songs. Too bad I have no one to share them with like the old times.... Changes...