Life or Something Close

Monday, November 24

It's snowing

It's snowing today... yesterday it was 65 degrees and slightly overcast now it's 25 and snowing... I hate Indiana. It's finally a holiday weekend coming up, I have 5 days off! woo hoo.... Not that I really have anything to do but still, it's time to just hang out I guess. Emmy's coming home tomorrow, I'm going to pick her up and stuff... We're gonna hang out sometime this week. Should be cool... sorta like old times I guess... Do you ever think about how you became who you are, all of us are dealt different hands in life. I have friends who have been through some of the most horrific things I can imagine, yet somehow they get through it. Life changes us everyday, we just have to find the good in it and move on. I think that even the most tragic events can have good points that we should all focus on. Yes, we should grieve and mourn, but at the same time, move on. I think I've been doing a lot of that in the past few months. Life has dealt me some very hard things to tackle this year, but still I feel like I've came out ok. Jobs, friends, relationships have all changed this year. Most of them I didn't' even see coming but I've learned to deal with them very well I think. I had an interesting weekend. Went to Indy on Friday, had a lot of fun. Some things happened that maybe they shouldn't have, but still I think they had to in order to make sense of the situation. I made a promise to two very important people a while back, I'm glad to say that I've kept that promise for a long time now. I have been so tempted so many times but every time I manage to keep my head on my shoulders and make the right decision. Sometimes the one thing you want isn't the best. Tough decisions to make in the months and weeks ahead... I'm going to choose what's best for me I guess. Just try to get what I want, and hopefully everything else will fall into place...