Life or Something Close

Saturday, November 8

It's done... Saturday nights suck

Soundtrack of my Life: I Boast No More - Cademon's Call

My paper is finally done. Thank God. I got it done aroudn dinner time tonight. Tonight was not a good night though. Seemed that just when I thought I had plans or somethin, it was gone. It's 1120 and I'm home. I hate Saturday's with nothing to do. I just wish things would get sorted out soon. I knwo what I want, I just can't have it. I know things I wish I had instead and still can't have. Why is this so complicated all fo a sudden. Maybe its just setting in more that it's over and I have to move on. People all around me are going about life the way they always ahve adn I just can't seem to catch up . I just don't know what to do really. Life is not good at the moment.