Life or Something Close

Sunday, November 2

An interesting weekend...

It's Sunday... the end to another weekend. I went to Tony's for a Matrix party on Friday and then to Matt's for a Halloween thing. Tony's was cool, Matrix Reloaded was awesome on the surround sound. Left at aroudn 11 to go to Matt's when I got there Micah was putting in a stereo for Laura so we worked on that until about 2:30... I was dead tired so I went home. On Saturday I went to Indy with Terra. we went to Castleton to Besty BUy and the mall, just hanging out and talking and junk. Got two shirts form the Gap. Then we went to Broad Ripple to the Wellington/Corner Wine Bar. It was awesome to just have a quiet dinner with someone so interesting. We didn't talk about anything, but I feel like we covered everything. I took her home around 9 and then went back to Kokomo to meet up with Matt and Sarah and her friends to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Scary as hell! After the movie we went to Shake my Steak and as soon as we got ther Jenn, Sarah's friend and I went to the bathrooms, while we were in there, someone fired up a blender, but in a bathroom it sounded just like a chainsaw. When Jenn came out she was crying, I guess the movie really got to her. I got home around 1:30 and went to bed. Today has been pretty busy for me on a Sunday, I got up and helped clean up the yard for winter, leaves and lawn furniture and such. I just got back from Kokomo a little while ago, bought 3 more shirts at Old Navy, nothign special, just needed a refresh on my winter shirts. Anyways tonite I shoudl study for my A202 test that's tomorrow... Most likely though, I'll go out and hang with someone. Life is changing right now, and as much as I hate change, I think it'll help me grow as a person.