Life or Something Close

Monday, November 10

I'm a news junkie

Soundtrack of my Life: Genesis - I Can't Dance

I read the news all day. Seriously I think it's becoming a problem. I mean yeah, everyone should know something about what's going on in the world but between MSNBC and Fark I think I spend way too much time online reading and just doing nothing in general. I also spend alot fo time on AIM, but usually not so much at work. Just an occasional hi and stuff... nothing indepth usually. That was part of my problem thsi weekend though, I spent more time just surfing and talking that actually working on my paper.... Maybe I should unhook my cable modem just to see if I can get by without it or something... yeah right... I'd die plus I wouldn't blog anymore. I'm in the habit now... I have to keep it up. No one reads this probably, but still I feel the obligation to write something now and then. It clears my head a bit. No substitute for good old fashioned face-to-face or a phone call, but it helps. I read lots of blogs lately where people are depressed about themselves and how they perceive themselves. I'm guilty of this too. Is the whole world just apathetic and depressed. I would like to think not, but the more I see the more I have my doubts.
Matt is leaving for God knows where soon probably. He goes to MN this week to find out where and when. Kinda sad about that, what if he's gone for X-mas? That will suck, he's finally getting stuff in order with his life. Got a good girl now and he's going to IU next semester. I wish the best for him and hope that God will watch over him if he leaves. I know it'll be hard on all of us.
I'm off to class today... yay... My paper is due at 4 and i've been done for 36 hours! That's a first for me. Normally, I would still be working on it. Maybe I am getting a better work ethic for school. I think I just used that phrase wrong but who cares. Hey if you read this, leave a comment, just say hey or something so I know someone reads this and I'm not talking to myself. Mooshe, if you read this, especially say hey. You're blog has died recently. We haven't talked in forever partly because I haven't left any comments on your blog either, but it was fun while it lasted. See you all later.