Life or Something Close

Saturday, November 29

I hate writing papers...

Soundtrack of my life: Girl all the Bad Guys Want - Bowling for Soup

It's Saturday afternoon... well evening now and I'm sitting here trying to write tow papers that are both due next week. It's almost finals now so that means that every prof has given out their last big assignments, and secretly made them all due on the same day so as to totally stress and confuse all college students. I've been busy the last few days with stuff... I'll say just stuff because I don't' really know what I've been dealing with lately. I've gone on and eating binge and then fasted... Not sure why but I'm either starving all day or not hungry at all. Life has been rough, family, friends, and such. My horoscope said today that I should learn to deal with change and that I should let go of some of my convictions, I wish I knew which. Do you ever pray? Do you ever get answers? Sometimes I don't' understand them, the answers I mean. Sometimes I wonder if the answers I'm getting are even answers to the questions I've been asking. Interpretation has never been a strong point for me. I think I ruined a friendship yesterday too, I dint' mean to I was just trying to let my feelings be known and in the process i started and argument that neither of us can ever win. My intent was not to start something; I keep it all inside and then just explode sometimes. Apparently not the best thing to do. Why can't I just say what I have to say without being reprimanded for it, I saw something, I know I did. Someday… I haven't given up totally yet.