Life or Something Close

Tuesday, November 18

I am a Manatee-atee

John Lithgow wrote a children's book, I checked it out the toher day at the store with a friend. It was Interesting to say the least. Here's an excerpt:
From time to time I dream I'm a Manatee?
that I'm a manatee
Undulating underneath the sea.

Unshackled by the chains of idle vanity,
A modest manatee,
That's me

I'm a manatee,
I'm a manatee,

Outside the fold of boring old humanity.
No difference between my face and fann-atee...

Ok, I realize that children's books are supposed to be somewhat stimulating to young minds, but "idle vanity", and the "-atee" at the end of most every page are a little annoying. I urge all of you parents out there to not buy this book. It's lame!
On to other things though, It's raining and I'm stressed... I'm going out tonite... more later maybe.