Life or Something Close

Wednesday, November 12

Hump Day...

Soundtrack of my Life: Jason Mraz - Curbside Prophet -

Ever wonder why it's called that... Obvious reasons of being over the hump of the week but surely there's somethin else out there that's not sexual. Today the wind is blowing 45MPH and the temp went from 60 this moring to liek 35 right now. That sucks. I wore short sleeves today too. Froze my butt off after class. It's been seriously a boring day today. Got some stuff done at work, hopefully I can finish my presentation on Friday too. Louie's on friday too! Massage too, I need one so bad, whenever the weather changes like this my back really kills me. Going out on Friday probably too, an interesting group at that. More on that some other night, right now I'm going to bed and going to LK in the morning, only 3 more classes to go!