Life or Something Close

Thursday, November 27

Have some turkey...

Soundtrack of my life: Flake - Jack Johnson

its thanksgiving today, the day when we all get together and stuff our faces to celebrate what we're thankful for. Kinda like eating chocolate bunnies on Easter... What do rabbits and eggs have to do with a religious holiday? Anyways this has been an interesting week so far. I went to Bloomington on Tuesday to pick up Emmy. Yesterday I went to Indy with the guys and went to crackers... first of all it was the single most horrible time I've ever had at Crackers. Even the comic knew he was bad and decided to end the show early I think. He just wasn't funny. Today everyone is coming over here to eat as always and that's cool I guess but I'm just not that social when it comes to like family things I guess. Maybe because all they do is tell old and embarrassing stories about everything. I'd rather talk bout things that are going on right now guess. Oh well that's the way it is I guess. I'm going over to Matt's later today I think, if I don't' go somewhere else. I need to go out tonight, it's Thanksgiving, why not go out to the movies and stuff.... Anyways it's almost time to eat around here... I'll be back I'm sure cause I'll be bored most of the afternoon.