Life or Something Close

Monday, November 17


Soundtrack of my life: Imitation of Life - REM

What did I do? Was it a mistake? Was the other one right? Am I just not coming to terms with what I really want? What knows, all I know is I'm in this and I'm going to deal with it. No more cop outs, no more excuses. I've dealt myself a hang and now I'm playing it. This used to be so easy, why did I have to make it so hard? All those choices I made, could I have changed it? Maybe yes, but probably not, I still blame myself.
School's ramping up to get hard now. End of term projects and such. Yay... I can't wait two papers, one group project plus who knows what else. I hate the end of a semester.
Then there's the other decision that I just got wind of today. Only one person even knows about it and I think I've already made up my mind. I have it so good in that regard, but I still have to hear the details to give it a decent shot. I'm out of my element now, but I'm liking the scary edge I've reached and I think I'm hanging on pretty well. I like the who and the what, but I always think what if?
I love writing here its my own little unadulterated thinking place, sure I edit names and stay a little vague with some things but I write what I fell and don't have to answer to anyone for it. Kind of a great thinking/venting spot. Everyone should have something like this.
Back to class... I'm still thinking about you