Life or Something Close

Sunday, November 16

Another boring sunday...

Well it's been a few days and I feel that I should do something on here. Right now I'm on my laptop whilst I repartition and reinstall everything on my other computer. What fun! ... Saw this in the paper today. I tried iTunes for Windows the other day. It sucks, I mean 1. i'm not really into paying for music, why shoudl I when iMesh is still out there and I think I'm reasonably safe anyways and 2. the client isn't that great and I just didnt' like it. Let's see what's new with me...
Well first off I went out on Friday with the gang from school. That was cool I think, we went to Texas Roadhouse and then to see Elf. Elf sucked. I mean it was kinda funny at first, but then it just went down hill from there, the cheese was definately getting thick. Then we went to Kyle's house to watch the Robin Williams Live on Broadway show, definately still funny, I still love the golf sketch. 18 F***in' times!
Yesterday I went in to work on Tony's puter. We were trying to put in a DVD burner and get the firewire card setup so he can do his video editing onsite instead of going home to do it. It didn't work so hot, considering we had a bad firewire card and tired everything under the sun to get it to work before we finally gave up and got a new one. Only took us like 9 hours to get everything up and running. Should have only been 3 if it wasn't for that stupid card. Still some bugs to work out but it's working good enough right now.
Today I didn't do anything, got up around noon, sat around til about 2, then I put my new surge protector on my puter, blew the other one last week, then I went to Kokomo and got some new shoes, woo hoo!... Now I'm back at home after dinner and I'm working on the puter. I might go out later tonite, but i'm not counting on it since it's already 7...Oh well back to the other puter its 98% done now according to Partition Magic... later all...Wait, actually now I know I'm not going out. Just got a call and the last person that I thought I'd go out with is busy with a paper. Not that I don't want to go out them, but I mean my last resort... I can't say that well. Either way I'm not going out... later all