Life or Something Close

Sunday, October 19

Sunday's are boring

Soundtrack of my Life: My Heart Goes Out - Warren Barfield

I'm sitting here doing absolutely nothing. I mean I got up today, sat around and read the paper and then I took a shower. After that I got on the net and piddled around for a bit. I decided to work on my APA paper for school today. I think I have all the sources I'm going to need, but I might still do an interview just to add some credibility to my hypothesis. Who knows though I'm looking for a new web host too... I'm paying too much right for the features I get. I need more storage space... It would make file transfers so much easier for me. I'll find something I guess.
Seriously though, it's 4 o'clock and I've done nothing and still have nothing to do... I guess I'll go pay some bills and maybe watch a movie or something... Maybe I'll sleep...