Life or Something Close

Sunday, October 12

it's sunday and my buddy list is empty

Soundtrack of my Life: Only Heart - Jonh Mayer

Does anyone else ever have this problem? I, like many other people in the world now have a broadband cable connection, meaning that I am always on the Internet, and therefore pretty much always on AIM. I have about 100 people on my buddy list and usually about 15-20 people are online at one time. Today... actually just now, I checked and only 4 people are online. I wonder if it's just this time of day or maybe everyone got kicked off the net simultaneously... Hmmm.. It's been a petty dull week really. I don't' think anything exciting has happened. I got some good contacts at work and hopefully will start getting some commission checks. This week should be ok too... I've got some meetings already and I think school should be fine. My APA paper research is feeling a bit weak right now but I can fix that with some time in the library or something. I dunno. Anyways I'm going to go finish watching my movie and then do something tonight.... I think I'm fixit a puter.