Life or Something Close

Friday, October 24

Do I look that stupid?

Certain people, you know who you are, are saying they are not who they say they are. I know what you're doing, you make it too obvious. The great thing about the net is you leave a trail wherever you go. IP addresses can be traced to certain towns, SNs on AIM can be traced to accounts, and all the little logger in my profile does is log your IP address and location if you visit it. So by now, I've figured out who you are. As a matter of fact, last time we talked, I left hints as to where to find me if you wanted to, I lied.. Hardly ever go there, but you did put on a good show by playing dumb about the locations of certain sports bars in our area. Now I realize you're trying to be sneaky, but really, it's pretty dang obvious. I predict that this post will scare of the offending one for a while, but don't you worry, they'll be back. Like clockwork, they just keep coming back...