Life or Something Close

Sunday, September 28

Did congress really help the excutive branch?

[Listening to: Goodnight L.A. - Counting Crows - Hard Candy (04:17)]

I don't think so.

Sorry inside joke... very inside. Well this weekend was definitely a good weekend... probably the best one in quite a while really. Friday we went were going to play golf but then it rained... like torrential downpour rain, so we hung out at Matt's. Didn't' do anything but still had fun. On the way home, I swear I almost drowned my car but we lived... Saturday I finally got the FH fence finished... well we did anyways. Then matt and I and Sarah hung out for a bit, picked up Tricia and then we went down to Crackers and the Jazz Cooker... absolutely amazing. Greg Morton? I think that was his name he was totally hilarious, go see him if you ever have the chance. I got home at like 300 this morning... but defiantly had fun the whole night. Now I have to study for an Accounting test that I'm really nervous about. I think I know the stuff, but I just know that I'll screw something up. Oh well, we'll find out tomorrow night I guess. English presentation too... Not to confident about that. But hopefully this week work will pickup and stuff and I'll get some money or something.Off to watch a movie or something...