Life or Something Close

Sunday, August 24

man... what did i do?

ok so i got up today and went out to leave for golf.... car no workie... it appears that my car battery blew up last nite and shot battery acid all over my engine... so i had to go get a new battery and put that in. but before i coudl do that i had to clean up all the acid that was eating my car away.... yea!
then i went ot Flora/Geetingsville to fix a puter with Blaster/SoBig/Walshia(sp?) on it... what fun that was... finally got home aroudn 6ish and ate dinner and then i got hon here....
matt's not home so i guess i'll go to K-mart and buy a new car chager for my cell phone adn a bettery for my g-ma... then it's back here to go to bed and get up early in the mornign to get my oil changed and then off to monticello for two days....