Life or Something Close

Sunday, August 24

i'm so bored

man... todya was totally a waste... here's a recap...

11am: wake up
12pm: shower
1pm: puter time and tv time
2pm: watched apollo 13 and played on the puter
3pm: see 2pm
4pm: see 3pm
4:30pm: dinner... why did we eat so freakin early today..?
4:45: back to the puter. Movie is over now
6pm: off to Kokomo to Sears
6:30pm: drive around Kokomo aimlessly
8:00pm: meet Josh in Converse
8:30pm drive with Josh back to Kokomo, The Ultimate wasn't open yet so off to BW's. Got a Sam Adams (not good)
9:30pm: take josh back to Converse
10pm: drive home, call emmy, not there
10:30pm: get home, call emmy, still not there. get on puter
11pm: call emmy, not home yet
11:15pm: emmy's home, talk to her for a bit
12am: get on puter and watch SNL
12:30am: post pathetic blog entry...

yeah... how much fun was that....
hopefully tomorrow i'll go play golf or somethin... maybe i'll play 18 or somethin...

off to bed