Life or Something Close

Sunday, June 22

I just got back from emmy's... a pretty good evening I must say. First we went to CC so she could spend her gift cards on a new phone and VCR had to believe that people still use those things but I still have a few tapes that I like to watch now and then I guess too. Then we went to Ribfest downtown... A bust to say the least... Just food and a ton of people... Yea... We went to Girton's well did a drive by actually... No one was there hardly so we just stayed clear of it and went to her house to play Life... I like it , but I like the old version better... It was harder and stuff I think. Then we just chilled and watched TV... I did get a new golf club and i'm so excited to try ti it out... I really just like it in general.... Oh well time for bed.. See you all later