A week later basically

I haven’t written anything in my book the past few days so I’m not even sure I remember much of what went on the last week or so.

Work has been pretty slow lately so I’m not sure there anything exciting there for now. I did work from 230am – 2pm on Thursday, had a deadline to meet and wanted to get everything done on time. That made Friday a short day too which was nice.

Saturday Erin and I headed down to Seymour to see Greg at camp, we had fun just being outside and seeing new things. erin was absolutely thrilled at the chance she had to go down the zip line. She was grinning the rest of the day. We did get to see some good storms on the way home too, we stayed dry but it was moving towards us as we were coming around the east side of Indy.

Sunday I got two big things accomplished. First, I washed my truck. Washed it good. I took it to the do-it-yourself place and powerwashed the bugs and junk off the front. Then I took it back home and got the bucket and sponges out and went to town cleaning it. After that I hand dried it with a chamois and then let it air dry the last bit. Then I worked on the tires and wheels and got the glass sparkling clean. I waxed it after that and Rain-X’d the glass. Looked perfect. I went to the grocery store after that, of course it rained just enough to spot everything up. I didn’t rain at our house, but 6 blocks away at the grocery store it did. Nice.

After that, I was on the couch doing nothing. It was wonderful.

Monday I went to Ohio for work and relaxed at home a bit.

Today was another lackluster day at work and I’m just chilling tonight.

Speak Up!

Tonight I started using Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10.
This is the first blog I’ve ever written using a speaking product. I think I’ll like it because then I can write without actually writing. The hardest thing to do is to learn to speak in a slow and concise words, I often rattle on and on without regard for content, subject, or really any clue of what I’m actually saying. I’m sitting here in my chair just looking around my apartment, talking. It’s kind of interesting to find myself talking in a manner that I usually don’t talk in, very enunciated, very clear, really just not the way I speak at all. It doesn’t help that my dishwasher is running, my washing machine is running, and my dryer is running. There is a lot of background noise and I think that may be creating more errors, leading you to believe that I write like a two-year-old. Actually the software isn’t doing very bad at all, I’ve corrected about five errors in the paragraph that I’ve written thus far and on running the software for about 15 minutes before I started writing this paragraph.

I’ll post a longer post later, I just wanted to try the software out and get something out on the web. I will be installing the software on my netbook, and hopefully posting more from that machine in the coming weeks, months, and years.yeah, right, we all know this is just another fad that I’m going through…