I sanded at work today. All day. Nothing but running a palm sander to catch up on a big project that’s gotta be ready for Monday. Some window sill thing that’s going into a school. I think from time to time about the stuff that I do and how long it will last.

When I make a kitchen I think that it could be around for 10 years or so, most people probably change their countertops more than that. Things that we do for institutions though probably last a lot longer, maybe 20 years. So when I think that when I’m nearly 50 some of this stuff could still be around I’m totally amazed by it. Think of all the children that will pass by my work every day and for all those years, most won’t notice anything about it probably, but still I find it amazing how long it will be there and how many could see it.

I think tomorrow I’m going to be outta work early enough to get some work done around The Green, maybe the leaves in the yard and the gutters, borrowing a ladder and leaf blower in hopes of getting it all taken care of, chili night tomorrow too, kinda excited.

I’m not the exception

I’d like to think that in all my wonderful years on this planet, I’ve learned some things. Here’s one of them:

Whatever rule it is, whatever line there is to stand in, whatever ladder there is to climb, you are most likely going to have to do it.

It seems to me, looking around at people who think the rules do not apply to them, that the guidance given to them doesn’t apply because, “I’m in a different situation,” are exactly the same people who need to be following those rules in the first place. Your “different situation” is most likely the result of the last time that you thought the rules didn’t apply to you.

I’m not saying that being part of the crowd is the only way to go, far from it. But you also should realize that there are certain rules and mores of society that most people are expected to follow. If the entire world’s set of rules and expectations seem to disagree with everything you stand for, perhaps everyone else isn’t wrong and you are.

Look around you, there are smarter people there guiding you and showing you the way to prosperity, safety, and who knows maybe something you would have never expected, normalcy. Take the advice, follow the rule, and every now and then, take your “different situation” and try to be part of the crowd, at least some of the time.

Individuality isn’t a sin, but disrepect for all the rules and norms around you isn’t the way to do it. Go with the flow now and then, you might be surprised how normal it can be!