Work is done, relaxing has begun!

Got off work early enough today to get a ton of stuff done outside The Green. The gutters are cleaned, the yard is free of leaves and all is well with the world I think.

We had chili and I tried livening it up a bit with some beef chuck roast instead of just the usual hamburger, I think it came out pretty good really.

Tonight we’re just chillin’ and watching some movies, tomorrow its off to the Fort Wayne Komets game and who knows what else.

Peace, it makes life worth living again.


I sanded at work today. All day. Nothing but running a palm sander to catch up on a big project that’s gotta be ready for Monday. Some window sill thing that’s going into a school. I think from time to time about the stuff that I do and how long it will last.

When I make a kitchen I think that it could be around for 10 years or so, most people probably change their countertops more than that. Things that we do for institutions though probably last a lot longer, maybe 20 years. So when I think that when I’m nearly 50 some of this stuff could still be around I’m totally amazed by it. Think of all the children that will pass by my work every day and for all those years, most won’t notice anything about it probably, but still I find it amazing how long it will be there and how many could see it.

I think tomorrow I’m going to be outta work early enough to get some work done around The Green, maybe the leaves in the yard and the gutters, borrowing a ladder and leaf blower in hopes of getting it all taken care of, chili night tomorrow too, kinda excited.

Today was a good day…

It all started out by waking up just a bit late for work. i still made it in on time but just not as early or as relaxed as I would have liked it to be. work was the same I suppose. The big news is that i finally got finished and all of my goals for the site finished. I know that from time to time I will be fixing little things and maybe even one or two big things, but all in all the site is up and ready for customers. Check it out, it’s our first ecommerce venture and I hope it succeeds. I came home tonight to make dinner. All day I was thinking about Chicken Chili.

I made something that was nothing like Chicken Chili other than the fact that it had beans and chicken in it. I made shusi rice risotto basically with anaheim peppers, chicken, and pinto beans. Honestly, it was pretty freakin’ good.

After dinner I went to DQ or a quick cone, I’d been wanting that today too. All the while, I finished three loads of laundry and picked up a bit. I’m tired and about to hit the sack now but all in all, it was a pretty good day. Rushed and relaxed, but it just felt like I accomplished a lot today.