Wow… What a day

Today is the day before the big *new* snow storm comes. They are saying another 6-9″ again. We got about 7″ last weekend so I’m not sure where it’s all going to go.

I went to Dayton again this morning, another load that went out with plenty of lifting to unload. I think I hurt my back a bit. It was a nice sunny day though so I did actually enjoy the drive.

After work got new tires on the truck and Erin’s car, got a great deal at Tire Barn and we were in and out pretty fast.

I’m gonna go check out the latest weather gossip, watch some tube and head to bed.

A boring day…

This is what outside looks like...I can’t just ignore this thing though. People count on it for entertainment right? At least I like to think so. Maybe I’m touching someone out there in my own unique way. I certainly can’t reach others lately, people are destroying their own lives and dont’ care. I wish I understood that. Maybe I do more than I realize…
Today was dull and freakin cold. It’s 5 right now… 5! I went to class this morning and did my thing. Philo and Psych were the usual. I have tons of studying to do for my Psych test on Tuesday… that can/will wait though. Soc was actually dull today, nothgin to report on K or H… Alothough we do have a 3 page paper due on tuesday that we were just handed today… lousy prof. I went to law today and actually enjoyed it somewhat. A future post will talk about the girls of Law.. D and B… interesting people… slightly stuck up. Tonight I’m flipping through the channels looking for something remotely interesting to watch. The Democratic Debate on Fox News was suggested, but I’ve deemed it retarded. Sorry man. Just not in to politics, the issues yes, but not the men. Maybe that’s wrong and I should get involved more. My life has enough problems without worrying about the rest of the world. Tomororw I’m going to the chiropractor at lunch… hopefully that’ll help my back… I’m still very sore and I dont’ know why. After that I’m going out with the guys. We need some girls to go… Sausage fest anyone? I dunno… I should go do somethin productive like figure otu why I have no money on payday…

In Soc again, and at home….

The last few days have been mostly uneventful. Monday I went to work, it was rather busy for a holiday but a lot of people were open still. Last night I went out for coffee with Kyle, taught him how to play Rummy. It was good just to chill someplace quiet. I think I’m going to have to go to the doctor soon. My back, ankle, and write have all been sore. Its bone sore though. Like all it need sis a good pop or something> I’ll call Stout tomorrow and see if I can get in Friday maybe.
Today I got up later than I wanted to. Not that I didn’t’ have time to just relax this morning but I guess I was just more tired that I thought I was. It’s good for me to get a lot of sleep though. This semester is going to be rough. Classes are going well enough. So far I’m staying caught up. But it means I have to study almost everyday. I need to do my law brief but it’s only one page so it shouldn’t take long and I’m procrastinating. Of course I have tons of reading to do too. 137 pages by Thursday! Ugh
This weekend started off with some conflict but not I think its back under control now. The same issue always come up and I just don’t know how to approach them right all the time.
This is what I thought the other day. “I’m talking about the one thing I hate the most and I have a knot like a ball of twine in my stomach. All I can do is grin and bear it. Life affords me no such luxury. All I can do is sit here and act happy that I have what I have. Life is so cruel sometimes.”
Its over know though. Just something I feel from time to time I guess. It either shows I’m totally incapable of getting over it or that I’m totally incapable of giving up.
Back at home now. I spent most of my evening reading my law stuff for class where I totally got nailed by the prof with obscure questions that I wasn’t expecting. I was supposed to go bowling with Kyle tonight but that didn’t’ happen cause he got busy with something else. It’s cool we are going to see Radio tomorrow for free. Really look gin forward to that. Right now I’m working on my law brief. I’ve got my post to Oncourse done and I’ve already written one paper tonight. I’m on a roll, can’t stop now. Although my fingers are starting to hurt from all this typing