Dang I’m good

WorkspaceOK so today I took the day off of work with every intention of going to school early and working my butt off on projects for the coming semester. Guess what, I did it! That’s right, right now I’m a week ahead in every class. It seriously feels so good not to be procrastinating this semester. I may start taking Mondays off regularly and locking myself in the library more. I got seriously 3 papers done today. I’m set until my Feb. 8th presentation. Also I’ve finally got my binder system setup for this semester, all my classes are in one binder and all my marketing stuff in setup so I can find all that crap easily, getting organized was the best thing I ever did in college. It seriously saves me so much time, looking through folders and keeping stacks of paper was never my thing, now I just punch some holes and I know where everything is. Woo hoo!

In other news: John, Orion and I headed out to Starbucks last night to hang out. I taught John how to do Sudoku. I think he’s hooked. We got Great Value Beef Jerky too, we saved a buck over Jack’s Links (our usual brand) and honestly it wasn’t that bad. Buying generic beef jerky at WalMart at 1130 on a Sunday, I really do live the life, don’t I? Also the last bit for the day is I think ball will be permanently moved to Wednesday for a variety of reasons including, school, girls, church, and life in general, Sundays just don’t work that well anymore.

Anyway I must get on to other things, in the words of John, “Later Shibbys”

A fresh start

The beginning of the year, or rather the middle of the school year is about ready to start in earnest. It’s my next to last semester, 12 hours this semester, 3 in the summer, and then 12 more and I’m done and out of here hopefully.
Classes start on Monday, at night. The cool thing is I can work most days all day and then head to class at night. This hopefully means that I can still make a decent amount of money and then get to class. I don’t know how long I can keep it up though, it’s looking like it’s going to be a pretty intense semester. Ben is in all my classes so at least if I need the help, he’ll be there.
It’s weird, this is the last semester that we’ll all be together at school, Ben’s graduating, and everyone else will be moving on soon too. I hope this is one of those semesters full of memories that last a life time.
Lastly, I hope that in the future life will be a little more interesting so I’ll have something worth reading to post on here now and then!

Drama in the library

I’m sitting here in the library as is always the case on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. It’s cool and quiet, mostly. There is a man laying on a corner couch snoring, this man is probably one of the most annoying people I’ve ever seen. He’s in my MIS class too, always the one who tries to relate the topic of the class to his chosen profession, healthcare. I mean I understand that this is a campus is about as varied as they come, young, old, all colors. There are people here who are straight out of high school and people here that are elderly and merely coming here because they never got the chance to go to college in their youth. This man however is freaking annoying just about everyone here… A 30-something man just got up and asked the snoring man to either stop snoring or move. Perhaps a fight will occur between two middle-aged men after class in the parking lot. He’s leaving… thank goodness. Go sleep elsewhere, there are plenty of benches somewhere else on campus.
I also want to add that today is probably one of the hottest days in the last month or so. Weatherbug only says it’s 84, and the humidity is 40% but still it wasn’t this hot back in July when summer is supposed to be horridly hot. I dunno, maybe I’m bitter because I wore jeans instead of shorts… who knows. Off to make some phone calls and chill off-line for a bit….

Another day I guess…

It’s Monday… I’m at school… Did I mention it’s Monday? Yeah, so I’m bored, I’ve called about 4 people trying to find someone to talk to just to pass the time, instead I’m here in the computer lab, Farking. One thing that interested me was that Indian Larry died. I usually stay up way too late most nights watching some kind of Discovery Channel thing where someone is building a motorcycle or crazy car, Indian Larry was the man. He was covered in tattoos and always made things the way that he wanted them made, never the way that they were “supposed” to be made. He was a free spirit for sure. This week promises to be as grilling as ever… Last week of working at MMIMS, another week of school and juggling life in general… I wanted this all to happen though, so it’s cool I guess.
It’s amazing how life can take unexpected turns in a matter of days, your priorities change, your group changes, your schedule for everyday changes… Craziness.
Well I’ve got to go call Erin now, I really just wanted to kill some time and tell everyone about Indian Larry… later…
btw… When I stand there and don’t say a word to you, even when you’re trying to have a conversation, that means that I don’t’ want to talk to you, it’s nothing personal, I just think you’re psycho and I don’t’ want to associate with you… Think this is you? Probably not, as the person that I’m referring to would never read this and if they do, stop.

I hate Mondays

So I’m sitting here at work right now. Yes that’s right at work. I should be in Logansport right now setting up a new system for a doctor’s office. Instead, my lead tech is in bed sick today and instead of getting things done so that tomorrow I could play catch up; now I’m playing catch up when I really don’t have that much to catch up on yet. We have a lot of work to get done around here in the next few weeks and any small glitch is going to just snowball for us.
Last night we had a party/campfire at Jake’s. Good times. Do you realize how hard it is to catch a wet foam football in the dark? Dang near impossible. Anyways though the fire was cool, we had some friends there and it was just a cool night. I had my doubts about whether we were even going to have it actually, it stormed almost all day. Then around 730 the clouds broke up and we had a beautiful night under the stars (with a little lightning in the distance). This week promises to be as hectic and stressful as ever. We’ve got to get ready for the race on Saturday, I think there might be something going on on Friday night. I’ve got class too, crap, HW, forgot. Anyway though I think things are finally getting better with everyone and that we will all be ok. Some day can’t come soon enough though.

I got a job…

Well the job search didn’t’ take too long… I called my old boss this afternoon, asked about anything they might have open, he said they didn’t have anything really but that he would discuss it with the other owner and get back to me. An hour and half later he called me back; made me an offer and I start on Monday. It’s a totally new position that they basically just made up for me. I’m the tech/sales support/admin support guy. The pay is pretty good, and the hours are flexible… Should be a good deal… Right now I’m on the phone with Cingular… they charged me $8 in roaming and are telling me now that while sitting at home, I will be paying roaming charges… I haven’t’ for the last year and a half! Grr… More to come later….

Monday is over… kinda I guess

This is our theme for the week so far...It’s late we just got home from clubbin… well we went to go clubbin downtown and didn’t find anything. We did end of at one place… some electronic piece of crap bar thingy… Then we walked around town and junk… Orlando isn’t a bad town, just a bad one for spring break I guess… We’re going out tomorrow to check out the town a little better in the day time and see if we can’t find something that will be better. Today was kind of a dull day I guess you could say. It rained… but I hear that at home they are getting 3 to 5 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow so it’s all good. We went to a mall and junk, I bought a new coat which I really like but it’s probably something I could have gotten at home. I think one thing that we’re all forgetting is that we’re here to just have fun and goof around, we don’t’ have to plan everything and all go the same place all at the same time, I think I’m just going to start realizing and going my own way with stuff… too much drama tonight that’s for sure. I could write more probably and I probably should but I need to go back and join the gang now I suppose, I’ve kind of enjoyed just sitting here alone with my music on and enjoying a frosty beverage… 🙂 anyways though I’ll write more later when I have time… Most likely tomorrow night…