Shawshank Redemption

If anyone out there has TNT and pays any attention to it they will have noticed that The Shawshank Redemption has been on pretty much every weekend for the past few months. In case you haven’t seen the movie at all here’s the synopsis from

Andy Dufresne, a mild mannered New England banker, is convicted of murdering his wife and her lover. Despised at first by the other inmates because of his introverted manner, Andy slowly forges an unlikely friendship with Red, a seasoned lifer and his gang. Soon, Andy also becomes popular with the prison guards, including the vicious Captain Hadley who offers him protection against the jail’s rougher convicts in exchange for financial counseling. The prison warden also takes advantage of Andy’s banking knowledge by exchanging privileges for creative bookkeeping. Over a twenty year period, Andy is able to maintain his sanity and dignity in prison not by physical force but by mental force. His smarts and confidence keep him going and he is able to teach the other prisoners that hope is the ultimate means of survival.

Now I will say that I like this movie, a good story, Morgan Freeman is a great actor and Steven King is a great writer, but I’m tired of it now. Of course, soon all you will see Ralphie if the Christmas Story wanting his Red Ryder BB gun with double-carbon action. I love that movie too, I guess basically I’m ranting because I think there needs to be more variety of movies on cable but at the same time, whenever I see most anything else on, I hate it too… I’m going to go buy some jeans… more later maybe… /rant

Author: Michael

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