A boring week…

…to say the least.
I just felt like I did nothing productive the last half of this week.
It got my mojo completely messed up, I hate not having my “regular schedule.” It’s not so much the schedule though that bothers me, it’s that I psyche myself up for work, ready to go get after whatever the day will bring. Then I do nothing. Drives me nuts!
I’ve been off all weekend too for the same reason, I think I got it back a little bit today but tomorrow is a new day, I just hope it sticks.

I’m working on rebuilding my main desktop downstairs right now, just backing up everything and double checking that I’ve got it all. Then comes the wonderful task of setting everything back up, iTunes playlists and junk, Quicken files, bookmarks, and the 300GB of data that I have to move around, that takes forever to move around via USB.
I really need to clean out my data, consolidate my hard drives and organize myself better. At least for data recovery efforts.
I’d better get back to backing up.

Author: Michael

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