Free CAD?

Some of you know that I do CAD from time to time at work. I usually use AutoDesk’s AutoCAD. We have one copy in our office. I need a free/open source solution for doing quick 2D CAD modeling. I want to be able to draw a line, offset it, draw some rectangles, arcs, circles, and ovals. Add dimension labels to them and if possible even export as DWG or DXF. Anyone out there have something like that? BRL-CAD, Archimedes, avoCADo, & AllyCAD didn’t cut it in some way, I need something quick, light, and most of all free or extremely cheap, we wont’ use it much but we really need it when we do.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Update: I have tried Intellicad, works pretty good. Not free though, just a trial. Thanks to XpunkX for the tip! Anyone else out there have a great solution. I love the way that AutoCAD and Intellicad work, there’s just a habit that you form with CAD and it’s really hard to break, I just use it so infrequently on this machine that free is about the only way I”ll do it. Thanks again XpunkX.

Author: Michael

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