Weekly Review

I found this. I think it’s a good idea to go back and look at yoru accomplishments now and then, no matter how small or seemingly meaningless…. Thus:

  1. What will I try to improve on next week? Next week I will try to work on being more patient with those around me. I seem to have a bit of a short fuse lately and that can’t be the best thing in the world. I will also try to manage my time a bit better, take more time for myself adn stop wasting so much in little bits and pieces with mostly nothingness.
  2. What was I most proud of this week? Time management, even though I know I need to do better, I did better this week. I found ways to get things done that I shouldn’t have had time to do. I spent less time on the computer and more time doing “stuff.”
  3. What was my biggest accomplishment this week? No video game playing and I opened a savings account. I need to start saving at least a little something in addition to my IRA.
  4. What have I done to get closer to my life goals this week? Opened that savings account. Still working on a budget plan to adjust for the changes I’ve gone through lately.
  5. What was hard for me this week, and why? Separating from work, I am consumed by it all too often. Need to learn to punch out and just walk away.
  6. What was my biggest waste of time this week? Facebook, I’m thinking of dropping it all together. I can’t think of a single reason to use it, the social contacts that are on there are mostly in my cell phone as well. A phone call means much more than a poke or message.
  7. What did I do this week that made me ashamed? Ignoring people. Instead of dealing with the issue at hand, I try to ignore it and hope that it will go away on it’s own. Not the best thing.

Wow, that was a bit harder than i thought it would be… More to come later.

Author: Michael

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