Blogging As An Educational Tool YES!!!

Blogging As An Educational Tool at The Blog Herald

Its happening in at least one school in Liberty, Missouri, where the entire eighth grade of one school is involved with blogging, in small part to the evangelism of one high school teacher, Eric Langhorst.

Who would have thought this before? You take some kids who need to learn writing skills, computer skills and you want to be sure to include everyone in the class, you add
a little
blogging action and
it all works!

This freakin’ genius of a teacher is getting kids to read books, write things about those books, while learning critical skills (typing and computer skills), and by happenstance, the author is joining in. Wonderful!
I’m glad to see that some teachers are forward thinking enough to actually find a useful way to use the web besides using Google for search and other sites to steal information off of for their class websites. Teach kids how the web works, how the web can be interactive, what the rules of the web are, then and only then will these kids be productive in the web-society. Personally, I think that this will all transpose into real society as well, if you can write well on the web, you should be able to write well for the real world.

Kudos Mr. Langhorst!

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