Just playing

I know I know I’ve been gone for a while, too busy really to sit down and type stuff really. The good
is school
is going well,
I’m slammed with projects, but I’m making it. If I can just pull through another 5 or 6 weeks then I should be good to go. I’m really on here to try out a new plugin, if you see some text that’s in a box on the right, then it works, if not, well I’ll keep trying til it works.

I’ve been busy with the marketing survey mostly, we sent over 200 surveys on Wednesday of last week and as of Friday we had 12 back. I’m excited because that means at least 12 people took the time right away to fill it out and send it out almost immediately. Tomorrow I’m going to check the mail again, I’ve sent a goal of 50 by tomorrow so hopefully my PO box is overflowing. We’ll see.

Only a few more weeks…

PS I need a job, if you know of any, let me know, the resumes will hopefully go out this week to a few companies and then a few more each week until I get an offer I like. 

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